I photographed summer twice. The first time was with an old, broken camera that I acquired partly by chance. With it I photographed my hometown with a slightly magenta tint. There is a tinge of loneliness in the memory of “that summer”.
At that time, I was able to see my hometown in other places. Such “enclaves of memory” mysteriously appear here and there in summer. Since I had come to hate how I was forever drowning in the spectacle of distant summer days I photographed the second summer, or, “this summer”, with a brand-new camera.
The vectors of longing for summers of past and future coexist here. Like the vanishing point of a straight road home, they sway in the sun, the past, the present, the future, wavering ambiguously as they intersect. Unlike humans, a photograph can stand at all points in time, simultaneously.
I have a slightly immature desire to not reduce photography as a tool or method to express something. Photography begins with a photograph. Rejecting all forms of expression or description, I want a photograph to simply be a photograph from beginning to end. This is ultimately a matter of purity, and not anything that can be achieved through things like image quality, tonality, theme, or concept. It is simpler than that, but also more complicated. It is similar to a deeply entwined relationship one has with a childhood friend.
I notice cicadas chirping all around. Through the grass and bushes, a woman in a white floral dress with the hem rolled up walks ahead. As I follow her, thoughts and memories waver in my mind, only to be drowned out by the buzzing of
the cicadas.
Like a young boy about to make a mistake, I feel my heart beating furiously. What can be done? I can neither stop nor proceed. Humans are restrained, but photography should be freer and more open.
A wide, wild wilderness of photography. This is where I want to go.



僕には、写真を何かを表現する為のツールや手段に貶めたくないという青臭い志がある。写真は写真として始まり、写真に化け、何事も語らぬまま一切の形容を拒否し続け、写真として終わって欲しい。詰まるところ純度の問題であって、それは画質やら階調やら、またテーマやコンセプトで成立させる話でもない。もっと単純で 、それでいて複雑な、捻くれた幼友達との関係の類である。